Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Halloweenie

I've always liked Halloween. Not just the dressing up and getting candy - which rocks by the way- but the decorating too.  The husband lives for this holiday and we have several totes worth of gruesome Addams Family style decorations to show for it. You won't find any happy little pumpkins and scarecrows on our front lawn. I'm talking body parts coming out of the ground. His Halloween decorating was legendary back when he still lived at home with his mother. The neighbors loved it, kids came from all over and a handful were too afraid to venture to the front door for candy. After he moved out and we got married, kids still asked his mom on Halloween where the scary guy and his house went.

These days it's our house that looks like something out of a Stephen King horror story. Skeletal remains, got 'em. Cauldrons? We have three. Bats? Yep. Heads without bodies and bodies without heads, cemetery gates, fog machines. It's all there. I think the parents and kids enjoy the effort put into the decorating when they're out trick or treating on Halloween.

I have a love/hate relationship with all things macabre. I'm not a fan of haunted houses because somehow I always get picked on and I don't enjoy most scary movies. However, I take part in decorating and I do enjoy Mike Myers walking around with a butcher knife trying to slash Jamie Lee Curtis to bits. I'm odd like that.

Sadly, our Little Man isn't as enamored with the gross and disturbing side of the holiday. This all goes back to an ill-fated and premature trip with the Husband's mother to a haunted house when he was 3. That's a story for another day and yeah...still not happy about that. Anyway, he likes helping his dad with decorating but some of the stuff in our creepy cache freaks him out. When he's out trick-or-treating, he'll even bypass houses decorated like ours because he's skeered. The irony is not lost on the Husband. We're hoping he grows out of this.

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  1. I do not enjoy hunted houses either. At least not the Texas style, which you could be totally killed there and seemed that was part of the show. gulp!

  2. Like your husband, I too love Halloween and all the creepy decor! You're probably going to judge me for this, but I L.O.V.E. to torment my children with the gruesome props when possible. LOL ;^) Unlike your son, they're pretty used to it so there's not much fear past the initial shock!

    Visiting from Lovelinks!

  3. Afrodita,

    Yikes! That's some serious haunted housing you got there in Texas. I would probably wait out by the exit while my husband (the grown-up child) went inside and had fun.

  4. Mommy2cents,

    You are evil. And I love that!!! I would nevah judge! We still put a lil scare into the little man with some stuff. Nothing serious, wouldn't want him to see a therapist before he has to!

  5. I am not a halloween lover but put on a happy face for the kiddos!

    visiting from lovelinks!

  6. LOL! Oh my kids are definitely going to need to seek therapy!... OR I will after getting up with them 50 times a night for the next month because I thought it would be hilarious to scare them! ;^)

    You know that whole loving differently thing -- well I love to scare Sissy more because she deserves it whereas I feel bad doing it to Buddy because he's so darn sweet! And he doesn't find it nearly as amusing as Sissy.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. I love, love, LOVE Halloween. My family thinks I'm nuts. Except my daughter. She bought in with me. We are having our 3rd annual BOOfet on Halloween. Dressing as a passenger on the Titanic. I am a newspaper journalist.

  8. A haunted house at three?!? Yowsers is right! You know, I absolutely love Halloween. There was this house down the road from ours when I was growing up that had the most awesome decorations. Just like you describe. People would drive from all over the town to see them. And he lived on a dirt road, so you know they were good if people wanted to drive down that muddy mess! Hope your Halloween is freakishly fantastic!

  9. @ Jamie, I'm sure the kids appreciate your efforts. It's all about the dress-up and candy anyway. :)

  10. @Lori,

    Your costume sounds awesome. Love it! Enjoy your BOOfet, hope you and your daughter have a blast!

  11. @Laura,

    Yeah, to say she used poor judgment is sooo the understatement.Oooooh that sounds like a house I would visit (against my better judgment) and my husband would probably envy (and steal scary decor tips). Hope you have a gruesomly groovy Halloween!