Sunday, September 30, 2012

Waiting to get pumped

In 12 days, Chris goes to see his endocrinologist for his 3 month check up. Hopefully this time, his A1c levels will be down enough to get approved for an insulin pump.

[For those not in the know, an insulin pump is an alternative to multiple daily injections of insulin by syringe or pen. The A1c test -- also called HbA1c - is an important blood test used to determine how well your diabetes is being controlled.]

At his previous 2 doctor visits, his levels were a bit too high to be approved. The crappy thing is that his blood glucose levels had been excellent until just a couple weeks before. And it's nothing that he did wrong either.

I hate that about this disease. When his levels are above 200 he gets upset, like he's disappointed with himself, like he did something wrong. And I have to reassure him that it's okay. It's not his fault.

Going on an insulin pump will mean more freedom for Chris because he can administer his insulin when we are out without having to bring along all his supplies. It is also more discreet and according to other type 1 diabetics, it's more accurate.

Of course, we'll all have to get schooled in how to use this new device. I just hope it makes Chris's life a little easier.

For now, I'll keep my fingers crossed that his levels stay low so he can move on to the next phase of managing his diabetes.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

An everyday hero

While Little Man and I were at the park tonight, one of his friends fell off her scooter and scraped up her knee and hands pretty badly. This happened when we were leaving and walking to our car. She was crouched on the ground and at first it looked like she was hiding from someone but we decided to go over and make sure she was alright anyway. That's when we saw she was hurt.

I helped her up and walked her over to her dad and Chris walked her scooter back for her.  Then Chris ran to get some toilet paper from the bathroom so I could help clean up the cuts. All the while Chris was reassuring her that she would be fine.

Once she calmed down, we walked her, her brother and father all back to their car, with Chris again walking her scooter for her.

I was so proud of how sweet and compassionate he was toward her. And I told him he was a good friend.  Then he said, "Hey Mom, I'm like an everyday hero, like what we celebrate in school."  Yes, you are, Little Man. Yes you are.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The zombie finger

I might have ring strangulation. I've thought this for a while but have been too skeered to do something about it.

You see, my wedding band always fit just right, which I thought was perfect so I wouldn't have to worry about it getting loose due to finger shrinkage from cold weather and falling off. When we bought our wedding rings I put this one on and said, "Yep this is it." It's nothing fancy. Just a plain gold band but it means the world to me. We had been to many jewelry stores seeking rings that were "us" and in the end simple won out.

Fast forward seven years later and I'm pregnant. Yes, you guessed it. When everything else started to swell up like my ankles, my boobs and my stomach, my fingers were included. Since then I haven't been able to remove it. It won't budge past the first knuckle.

My mom said, "Oh that's normal. Look at mine, I haven't been able to take my ring off for years." So you're saying that this round indentation that my ring leaves is perfectly fine, Mom? I can slide my ring back a little and that's when I see the mark left behind. My finger doesn't turn blue or purple (except when I'm coloring with Little Man and we use markers) so that's a good thing.

My only concern is, exactly how would they go about removing my ring from my finger without causing injury to my finger? And what about the ring itself? Would they have to cut it? And would that be considered a bad omen? And just who is "they" anyway? Do I go to a jeweler? A doctor? Is there a ring removal specialist?

Maybe I'll just let it be. Until my finger swells up and turns a sickly green. Then I can run around screaming, "I have a zombie finger!" and freak people out. Do I know how to turn a bad situation into something cool, or what?

This seems a bit extreme for removing a ring, no?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do nothing

I've been in a funk for the last two days. It should pass but in the meantime there's nothing new to report. So, I thought I'd share another Internet time-waster, along the lines of Virtual bubble wrap and Door stopper fun. Listen to the ocean waves and do nothing for 2 minutes.

I love when a website gives you permission to do absolutely nothing. Not that I need a website to tell me that. They actually time you to see if you can just sit there. Never mind that a red FAIL sign popped up during my first 10 seconds because I moved my cursor a little. By accident. Stupid, judgey site!

Enjoy your 2 minutes of doing nothing.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Around town

Yesterday me and the men ran a few errands during the day. Here are some things we encountered along with my comments (both vocal and silent).

On our way inside the library we were approached by two groups. The first was a couple kids asking if we wanted to buy coupons for their car washing fundraiser. Without hesitation I said I couldn't because mine was a stolen vehicle but thanks anyway. They stood there for a minute and then giggled. Husband shook his head and Little Man laughed. Obviously (and thankfully) they didn't take me seriously because Metro never showed up to arrest me. I should watch what I say more carefully because my brand of humor is often lost on people. Like the time the cashier at Barnes & Noble asked my mother if she needed help and she replied that she was with me and I told the cashier I never saw her (my mother) before and that she was following me throughout the store. (I was kidding, Mom!) She still brings that up to this day.

The second set of people outside the library were asking us if we were registered to vote. These people are like the Salvation Army at Christmas, they're Everywhere! Except without the bell ringing. I think they need a gimmick to attract more people like free food or drinks. Can you tell I was a little hungry?
Coming back from the library we passed a Christian Church with a banner outside proclaiming, "Love God, Love People". I'm good with the first part. But some people are just such shits that I have a little trouble with that second part. I think the banner would work better if it said, "Love God, Tolerate People or at least try not to physically harm them even though most deserve it".  Honesty people!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

End of Summer wrap-up

This past Monday was Labor Day which traditionally means the end of Summer.  Summer in Las Vegas is extended by about 6 weeks which gives it the term "Groundhog Summer".

I don't mind. I get to wear my shorts and flip flops a bit longer. The pools haven't officially closed yet and it's still hot.

Anyway, I thought I would do a wrap-up of some of the fun things I did with the fam. this summer. A few were posted in my blog and some weren't. It will also give me a chance to re-live some of the memories. Come along...

There was lots of swimming and sunning. We spent pool time at a few hotel pools and aquatic/rec centers. Next year a water park will be opening about 10 minutes away from us so I'm sure we'll be spending time (and $$) there. [note to self: start saving for season passes]

We saw lots of cool movies. "Avengers", "Dark Knight Rises", "Magic Mike". What? I saw that while Bill and Little Man went to see "The Amazing Spiderman". Both involved guys and quick changes of clothing so it was almost like the same movie.

There was outdoor grilling and many nights at the local park where Little Man met up and played with his friends. 4th of July featured a fabulous fireworks show by Bill and Christopher and of course there was Chris' summer birthday.

It was a lot of fun and although I would normally be mourning the passing of summer I get to enjoy it a wee bit longer out here in the desert. Which makes the still hot as Hades weather, worth it. At least to me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Late night eating

It happened again.

I was about 30-45 minutes from going to sleep. Well, that was my goal because I was still on my laptop doing computer-ey things.

And then, the snack craving hit. I tried to ignore it really I did. I drank some water, which I keep on my nightstand. I played a game or 2, or 3 of Mahjong. But then Bill got up and went to the bedroom door. And I asked, "Where are you going?" And he answered, "Why? What do you need?" Which on the surface sounds so "aww how sweet of him" but really he means "what do you need so suddenly that you had to wait till I got up to ask?" So I replied, "Nothing." And then he told me he was going downstairs which made me happy because now I had some company to go with me for my late-night snack. So, in all actuality, this is all His fault because if he didn't have to go downstairs I would never have tagged along and eaten that poptart, handful of pretzel combos (because ya know...sweet and salty go hand-in-hand) and washed it all down with some Pepsi.

As I sat there in the kitchen snacking I felt a little guilty because I know the rules about not eating late at night especially since that bit of weight I'm trying to lose ain't leaving any time soon. And, because I know you shouldn't eat salted foods during that time of the month since it adds to water bloat and cramps and blah blah but dammit it all tasted so good and I don't really give in to late night eats very often so I'll just down some more Advil and do extra stomach crunches (don't laugh. I do them, when I remember).

Anyway, I sat there binging and feeling like a meth addict getting high in a dirty bathroom. The only thing missing was the meth. And the drug paraphernalia. And a dirty bathroom. Okay, maybe not the bathroom, but in my defense I was in my clean kitchen and the bathroom is clean enough so I'm not embarrassed but I wouldn't eat off the floor.

The thought also crossed my mind that my plan to go to sleep at a decent hour has been hi-jacked. But maybe once this mini sugar-high wears off, the inevitable crash that follows will be enough to get me right to sleep. Problem solved.

I still blame Bill. Thanks a lot husband dude! I could be sleeping now, but nooooo you had to go downstairs.