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Just the facts, Ma'am:

Average Monthly Pageviews: 1,600 (and growing daily!)
Average number of Pinterest followers: 32
Average number of Twitter followers: 139

Publication History:

Magazine and website articles:
Las Vegas Woman, 2012, titled Caring for Your Child's Diabetes is a Family Affair
JDRF website, 2012,  titled Parent Coffee Talk - Networking and Support

Divine Caroline website, 2012, titled The Little Woman Buys A Car

Divorce: A Family Affair - ebook self-published 2013

Journalism Articles:
Numerous stories and interviews for North Jersey Herald and News, 1995-1998. Stories and articles for local monthly publication, Aug. 1998 - Dec. 1998.

Content and Client:
I have written and published many articles for Textbroker and Mahalo.com, 2010 and 2013.

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Sponsored Posts:
If you want me to review a product or service that you offer you can send me an email first at FearlessScribe (at) g.mail (dot) com. Please note that I will only write about things that I can get into and share with my readers in an honest (and amusing) way. 

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