Thursday, April 26, 2012

A hairy situation

I'm having a good hair day today. So naturally it's a windy day here. *sigh*

My hair is at that unruly stage where I need a haircut and have resolved to ponytail it a lot. However, yesterday after my shower, I put it into a french braid and then dried it. I left it in the braid all day, all night, even sleeping on it which was great because I didn't have to play tug of war with it throughout the night as I tossed and turned.

Anyway, I showered and blow dried it and then about an hour later undid the braid to reveal wavy hair. It looks pretty darn good. Like, take-me-out-and-let's-go-dancing good. But then by the time we went from house to car and car to club the wind would muck it up and I'd look like crap which would defeat the whole purpose. Because that's how it goes with me.

My hair will usually start to cooperate and look good just prior to going to the salon to get it cut. It's like my hair is saying, "Don't cut us. See how good we look? I promise to behave from now on and hold a beautiful style for you."

Until the next time when it goes flat and looks and acts like a hat on my head instead of hair. Time for a cut. A trim, really. Despite the weather.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's my birthday and I'll celebrate if I want to

Am I the only one who likes birthdays? Their own birthday, I mean.

Monday was my birthday and although I ignore the numbers I still love my birthday and look forward to it like a little kid.

This year my family and I went to dinner downtown near Fremont Street, where we later walked around checking out the shops, characters and people-watching. Then we stopped in at the Pawn Stars, which has now become a tourist trap, and finished the night with a drive down the Strip.

The next night Bill took me out for the adult night on the town since we had little man with us on my actual birthday. We checked  out the Cosmopolitan since we had never been in there yet. Then we went across the street for drinks and bar food snacks at Cabo Wabos.

I love the Strip at dusk when the sun is going down and the neon is coming on. So pretty. It's times like this I feel a little less lonely and really love this city. Furthermore, our summer has begun, a little early, even for us. But I love the summer and warm weather so this was perfect.

What was the best way you ever spent your birthday?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Joints and pain

Last night Bill and I attended the monthly JDRF meeting. The topic was healthy living and how stress affects your life. The Life Coach speaker made a few points about how to reduce stress and how stress affects your body.

One of the things she mentions was that stress can cause aches and pains. Then she said something about pain in joints.

I looked at Bill and whispered: "Am I the only one who thought about marijuana when she said 'joints'?"
Bill: (Looking at me with amusement) Yes. Yes you are.

 Maybe I heard the words "pain" and "joints" and thought she was talking medicinally.Who knows.

The rest of the meeting was fine and informative. And I heard everything the way it was intended.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Mormon, Four Wives and a Bowler

Sounds like the start of a joke, doesn't it?

It isn't. (Sorry to disappoint. I promise tacky & saucy jokes at a later date.) Anyway, we recently had a couple brushes with celebrities. Sort of. I'll explain.

During Little Man's Spring Break we took him to play mini golf at our local Putt Putt Place. It was a beautiful day so there were a lot of people playing. There was also a camera crew.  Maybe the news was doing a segment on the growing rise in popularity of mini golf. Could be. But there was no news van in the parking lot.

So we asked the girl behind the counter as we paid, "What's up with all the cameras?"  She said they were filming a reality TV show. "What, the Real Housewives of Las Vegas?" I asked as a joke. Although it wouldn't be funny if it were true because I wasn't asked to join. But I digress. (Oh, there is no RHoLV. Yet. In case you were wondering.) Countergirl said "No, they're filming 'Sister Wives'."

This is that show about that Mormon guy who's married to 4 women. Yeah, that one.

We settled into playing our game at a snail's pace because of the amount of people, and bad putting and the Mormon and his lot holding up things as camera crews filmed him, the wives and all their kids playing. I couldn't help but gawk at them. I mean, this guy is nothing to brag about. And what were they doing in MY town all the way from Utah, I wondered. I came to find out from the disgusted grandmother, who was one hole behind us with her grand kids, that he was chased out of Utah for 'bringing attention to Polygamy' and had to relocate here. Ugh.

Then a few days later Little Man got to meet (and bowl) with Professional Bowler, Chris Barnes and his wife, Lynda. Unless you're a pro bowler or follow the Pro Bowlers Circuit, these names mean nothing to you. My dad and brother are bowlers and follow the sport so I know this couple.

This time there were no camera crews, no gawking crowds and just the bowler and his one wife. (A little dig at the above). They were there for a charitable event called Strike Out! Diabetes on behalf of JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Chris and Lynda have a son who is a Type 1 diabetic so they have a personal stake in this. Let me just say that they were the sweetest, most gracious people you could hope to meet. Chris B. took time to personally speak with my Christopher about his diabetes.

Here is Chris and Lynda Barnes with some of the kids that bowled at the event. Little Man is in front of Lynda.

(Note she has her hand on his shoulder. Yeah, apparently she was quite taken with my charming little man. Hey Lynda, he's not so sweet when you wake him up to go to school.)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

One stop shopping

Talk about convenience. I guess you really can get anything at Wal-Mart because someone used the store's women's bathroom as a Meth Lab. Story here. Funny. And sad.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Experiencing technical difficulties

I wish I could say this is an April Fool's joke, but sadly it isn't. I've been having computer problems for a while now and even though I applied a few "band-aids" to keep going, it finally became time to bring my notebook to the computer hospital.

My screen has been acting up and going blank, gray, green, showing lines and other funky things. The tech expert said it might be the screen itself that needs to be replaced (which will take time to re-order a new one, install, etc.) or it could be something as simple as the screen connecting to the motherboard is messed up. In either case he had to order the part that will test out both of these theories which should ship out Monday.

I pray it's just a bad connection because that's quicker (and cheaper) to fix. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I feel so naked without a computer. I use it for just about everything. Now I have time on my hands. I feel both terribly bored and excitingly free.

I am currently on my dad's computer updating this blog so y'all don't think I've abandoned you and to check my email in case I get an invite from Sting to visit his home in England. Hey, a girl can dream.

I will post again soon, hopefully. In the meantime, have fun pulling pranks. Keep your fingers crossed for a painless computer fix.