Monday, March 9, 2015

Disappointing pizza and darn good burgers

I'm not a foodie blogger and I don't pretend to be one either. However, I'd like to make a few foodie mentions. These are just mine (and the husband's) opinions and observations so take it with a grain of salt. Or pepper. Or cumin.

I'm not a fan of Papa John's Pizza but the husband is. He recently tried the bacon cheeseburger pizza that they've been advertising. And he was so disappointed. We had to take out the microscope to look for the bacon and meat. You know how in the commercial the little boy keeps saying Are you kidding me? Yeah, Bill said the same thing. He contacted the company to tell them his bacon cheeseburger pizza lacked the bacon and burger and they said someone would be in touch to follow up. That was more than a week ago. He's still waiting.

We're not the types to complain about every little thing but sometimes we let companies know if we're unhappy with something. And we do it in a nice way not like assholes who make a stink and expect something free to make up for it. By the same token we praise businesses if their services and products are great.

Saturday night we went to 5 Guys Burgers. This place makes the most amazing burgers I've ever eaten. I tried to eat my cheeseburger slow enough to enjoy it but basically inhaled the thing like an animal. So good. Even my picky son said he was blown away by their hot dogs. Then Chris and I wrote on their Appreciation Board. He drew a pic of a brain exploding and wrote Mind Blown under it.

It's funny because everyone is so excited that White Castle has finally come to Vegas and I was like White Who? Seriously.

The owner handed me a card and asked if I would contact their representative and give my thoughts on our dinner. So I called and basically told the woman who answered that this place is the Mt. Olympus of burgers.

I hope the company rep lets that particular store know that someone gave them rave reviews. I mean if I had called complaining that they forget the mayo on my bun they would probably let the owner know immediately. Complaints are so easy to give, pass on and believe. It should be the same with praise and recognition.


  1. It must've been a bummer (for the husband) when the pizza didn't live up to its advertisement's expectations! I dislike it when that happens. Also, I completely agree with you; complaints and praise should be given equal atteention!