Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moving Right Along

Much has happened since I last wrote. We decided to stop jumping through the banks' hoops and just move to Vegas. We went out there in the beginning of July, found a nice house to rent and here we are....on the eve of the Big Move.

We were supposed to leave last weekend but.....the best laid plans....
The weather has been uncooperative with tons of rain and thunderstorms which hindered putting our "stuff" into the pod that we rented to haul our "stuff" across country. Alas, that phase is complete and the pod people (makes me laugh everytime) came to pick up said pod and began transporting it to our destination.

And last Sunday while going downstairs to my parent's basement to do laundry, I misjudged the last step and fell.....breaking my ankle. . Thankfully 90% of everything was packed already.

My new home is a bigger house for less than I was paying here in Jersey. Go figure. It is in a gated community (fancy schmancy) and about 20 minutes from the LV Strip. Now if we can just get out of here already....

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