Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Long Emily Gilmore, We'll Miss You

We're moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. We've talked about it for years. It was a definite decision last year and a reality now. My mother has known this the entire time. Just now it is hitting her. And hard.

Suddenly the child she adored, her pride and joy, me, is in league with the devil. Why? Because I am taking my son, her grandchild, with me. Now I understand her sadness. She has been a part of his life for 6 years. But she acts as if I am moving to Greenland and that she will never ever see him again. Ever. When in fact, she and my dad plan to visit us in October and will be moving out there themselves within a year or so.

I knew she would have a hard time with our leaving. I figured there would be tears and great emotion. I had no idea she would channel her inner Emily Gilmore (Gilmore Girls tv show) and rain down such levels of guilt that would make even the most Jewish of mothers proud.

I wish she would be more understanding and supportive of me and this decision. It's a big, scary move and well a smile and a hug would go a long way. We used to speak on the phone every day. Now, we hardly talk. In fact, I avoid her. I've become Lorelai, cringing when the phone rings and postponing seeing my own mother.

I seriously hope she comes to understand and forgive me soon. I love her but right now I can't deal with her.

To understand my Gilmore references click the link below.

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