Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bad blogger, bad!

I've been a bad blogger lately. I apologize for that, especially those who come here faithfully and find nothing new to read. What can I say? I suck!!!!!

Seriously, I've been battling mild depression and my anxiety has flared up resulting in insomnia and fits of itchiness. Yeah, real pleasant. So with all that, I haven't felt much like writing or talking (weird, I know!) and my blog and articles have suffered.

But I think the fog is finally starting to lift. I'll spare everyone and refrain from singing "I Can See Clearly Now". However, if you really want to hear my rendition, just lock two cats in a shower stall with some catnip and a piece of string. Ahhh, the sweet, melodic sounds of kitties fighting.

From here on out I shall try to be more vigilant in my blogging, even if I just post jokes, or funny pictures or pictures of funny jokes or funny jokes with pictures.

Thanks for understanding.

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