Monday, January 7, 2013

He is a gentleman and a scholar

Sometimes I think parenting is like jumping out of an airplane with a blindfold on and my arms tied behind my back. What the hell? Am I doing this right? And then comes a moment when I see that yes, I am doing a good job.

Friday Little Man went bowling with his grandpa and Uncle. I sat and watched because my ball is...somewhere and well I was sure Little Man would bowl a much better game than me and I'd be completely embarrassed. My mom sat and watched because she doesn't bowl at all and if she did would probably end up sliding down the alley after her ball.

During one of the games Chris wanted a snack so grandma took him to the vending machine where the item he chose proceeded to get stuck as it was coming out. (I'm so glad these things don't just happen to me) Anyway Chris went to the front desk and asked for someone to come help him.

About five minutes after they returned and he relayed everything that had happened (even though I watched the whole thing) some man came over and said he was just at the desk and overheard my son when he asked for help and wanted to compliment Chris on his "fine manners". Apparently the guy
 knows my dad and uncle from some bowling league and he said "I just had to find out who this young man belonged to because he is so polite."

Can I just say how pleased I was? So pleased. I thanked the man for his compliments. And of course I hugged Chris and praised him for being so polite.

I want Chris to be a gentleman, kind and polite. Sometimes I wonder if my life lessons are sinking in, especially when there are so many negative influences around. And then this happens. I guess I am getting through.

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