Saturday, March 9, 2013

You say Venitian, I say Venetian

It happened, again. In another of those unlikely places, too. I found a misspelled word. I can't help it, my eyes just zero in on the typo/misspelled word. I could be reading War and Peace or the back of a cereal box and Bam! there it is. I don't actively look for them, I mean I'm not some crazy spelling nazi who critiques everything she reads. I just, see words.

It was just like that time on the (fake) bridge of the Enterprise at the Star Trek Experience when I glanced down at Worf's post and saw the word "torpedo" spelled "torpeod". Hundreds of people tour through there. I see the mistake. And yes, I did tell the guide. He was surprised, especially since he thought I had a Trekkie-related question when I rose my hand. He came over and acknowledged that torpedo was indeed spelled wrong. I always wanted to go back to see if they corrected it but the attraction closed in 2008.

Anyway, I have a self described, unhealthy fascination with all things mafia. Which leads me to my recent spelling error discovery. We were at the Mob Attraction located in the Tropicana. [Shameless plug for my city: This is a great attraction to see. It's interactive, informative and reasonably priced. Plus they renovated the Tropicana and it looks fabulous, all bright and newish.]

As we were making our way around, reading about the gangsters of old Vegas, there was this exhibit with a fake explosion box that you can push down the plunger as if you were imploding an old casino. It was hooked up to a screen that played the actual hotel explosions and the screen would tell you what hotel you blew up and what exists there today. One of us, I think it was Christopher, blew up the Sands and the screen informed us that the Venetian now sits on that site. Except it was spelled "Venitian". The writing comes on and disappears quickly. I mean, blink and you miss it. I didn't miss it. And then I blew up more hotels to come back to that one just to see if what I read was true. And yes, they spelled the hotel incorrectly. Bill looked at me as if to say, only you would spot the mistake.

This time, however, I didn't tell anyone. It's a Mob exhibit for goodness sake! I don't want to end up at the bottom of Lake Mead for being a know-it-all!

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