Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh technology, why do you mock me?

I started this post a week ago and now it's partially outdated because we recently bought new cell phones. I'm still posting it though because it's all true. And funny. Or annoying, depending on whether you talk to me or Bill.

I'm an admitted techno-phobe. Gadgets and appliances with lots of buttons and bells and whistles can sometimes freak me out. I have gotten better over time, even though I still don't know everything my ipod can do. How 5 songs I had transferred onto it suddenly found themselves gone from my playlist, I'll never know. But not every techno-fail is my doing.

Take for example, my old cell phone. It has taken it upon itself to shut off randomly. With no help from me. It could be sitting on my desk while I'm on the computer and then I go to maybe check the time and suddenly, it's off. Just like that. So. Irritating. Thankfully this is no longer an issue and my uncooperative phone has been retired.

I'm still navigating my way around my new high-tech, James Bond-y type Samsung Galaxy S III. It has so many cool features and fun things to do and has turned the husband into an even bigger child  than he was before. As if that was possible. Good to know we spent X amount of dollars so he can download and play all the Sci-Fi ringtones he can find.

In keeping with the theme of this post....

I have a DELL laptop and I love it. My problem is the electric unit that plugs into the thing. It has this habit of unplugging from the computer itself. This I know to be a DELL problem. Their plugs break. My previous dell had a plug issue too and I would have to wind it around the screen to keep it in place.

With this laptop, the part that inserts into the computer is a little loose. I think something in the prong area broke off or something like that. Also, the wire is breaking and will soon need to be held together with electrical tape. I've been putting off getting this fixed or replaced. I'm not sure why but I think it has to do with the fear of somehow not being able to use my computer and going through severe withdrawal. Oh wait, I now have this new fangled phone that does everything but cook dinner. Problem(s) solved. See who's laughing now technology!

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