Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Not so happily ever after

So I think I'm the only woman who could give a hoot about that 50 Shades movie coming out this weekend. I didn't read the books and I have no interest in doing so. Not that the subject matter bothers me, I just don't do what's trendy. But that's me and I'm weird like that.  Now, I may not have read the book but I know it's about a couple and if you're like me you always root for the two leads to ride off happily into the sunset or, at least go off to get ice cream together.

Then I got to thinking, what about stories where the couple didn't end up happily ever after? It happens. Pisses me off but still, it happens.

Valentine's Day is all about love and romance and sadly some of the best known love stories, like the ones below, did not end on a warm and fuzzy note.

Rhett and Scarlett from Gone With the Wind: Every time she watches him walk out the front door I want to slap her silly for not running after him. Actually I want to smack her for choosing Ashley over Rhett to begin with. Girl, what were you thinkin'?

Romeo & Juliet: Two families who can't get along forcing their kids who love one another to commit suicide. Way to go people.

Heathcliff and Cathy from Wuthering Heights: Pride. Vanity. Greed. Jealousy. And love. All the ingredients for a seriously tragic love story.

Jack and Rose from Titanic: I'm one of those people who think that Rose could have moved over and made room for Jack.

Anakin and Padme from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: I'm not as big a fan of the prequels as I am of the original trilogy. That being said, the entire ending annoyed me and made me want to bop George Lucas on the head.

There are so many others, in fact, there are tons of ill-fated love stories in both movies and literature. It's rather depressing. I think I'm going to counter it with some chocolate chip cookies and watching a romantic comedy like 13 Going On 30. This way I can be mushy and laugh at the same time. Plus it has a great 80s soundtrack.


  1. I started reading 50SG last night in a desperate attempt to combat my insomnia. It worked! Put me right to sleep.

    1. Yikes! That was desperate. Glad you got some shut eye, though.

  2. You're not the only one who hasn't fallen into the 50 Shades trend. The most trendy of books almost always end up a big disappointment to me. The clips I've read of 50 Shades were more laughable than anything else.

    I was having the same discussion about love stories recently. I'm not sure that I can name a classic or "great" love story that has a healthy relationship or ends happily. I'll take the light comedies with happy endings. 13 Going on 30 is fun and happy.

    1. I agree about the trendy books being a disappointment. They don't live up to the hype. But then again, I'm so picky.

      I'm also a fan of old 50's black & white romcoms with stars like Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.