Sunday, February 8, 2015

My fictional Valentine's Day gift ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up. Now, I don't go for the traditional gifts that women have come to expect, like hearts and flowers. Except for candy. My fearless husband knows I like my chocolates. However, I got to thinking about some fictional gift ideas I would like to receive. I've been on a Marvel kick lately so that explains some of the items on my list. The others are just because I like the weird and unusual.

Thor's hammer - I thought it would seem inappropriate to ask for the God of Thunder himself so I'll settle for this instead. You know, Mjolnir, the big, metal object he wields? I'm clarifying for those with X-rated minds. But seriously, how cool would this be to? Difficult nails would be a thing of the past. So would difficult people, for that matter.


Jarvis - You can have Siri or Cortana. I want my very own intelligent computer system. Jarvis, bake me some cookies! Jarvis, help my son with his math homework. It practically pays for itself.


In keeping with the spirit of the holiday I wouldn't mind some jewelry. But not the Valentine's-y diamonds and pearls. I want Lily Munster's bat necklace. It's certainly unique. Do you think Hermann went to Jared?


I've mentioned my like of handbags before so it should come as no surprise that Carrie's self-designed handbag on The Carrie Diaries is on my list. But, with my name instead of hers because that would be just awkward to walk around with someone else's name on your purse.  And every time someone would ask if my name was Carrie I would be forced to answer with something like, No, I just use her bag.

The necklace and pocketbook seem the easiest to get. And knowing Bill the way I do, he would probably take our son's fake hammer from when he was Thor last Halloween and present it to me for Valentine's Day. It being the thought that counts and all.

What's on your fictional list?


  1. I once told my boyfriend that if he wanted to make me happy all he needed to do was improvise with the words 'cleaning', 'underpants', 'red' and 'tight'. He got me saddle bags for my bicycle. :/

    1. Was there at least chocolate or diamonds in the bags?

    2. Nope! They've been incredibly useful, but that's as far as romance goes around these parts :p

    3. Useful is good. This year for Valentine's Day I'm getting new brakes for my car. Safety is the new romantic.