Monday, August 3, 2015

Book hangover

I'm hungover.

No, I didn't go out drinking into the wee hours only to wake up in a closet with my shirt on backwards.

What I have is a book hangover. I haven't had one of those in a long ass time. What is a book hangover, you ask? It's where you just finished reading a book and you can't get past it being over because you fell for the characters (especially the bad boy biker who you I fell in lust with) not to mention the exciting plot.

I've been catching up on some reading this summer with some quick, easy-to-read, trashy novels. Really enjoyed them, too. I'm also in the middle of a thrilling, detective book, which I put down to devour the book I can't get over. I literally bought my latest addictive book this past Friday night. Started it before bed and finished it Monday morning. Had I not been socially responsible and gone out to do some fun things with the family (not to mention take time to eat and sleep) I probably would have finished it on Saturday. Even while reading it I began to mourn the fact that it was going to end and I tried to slow down and savor the book but I couldn't help it and I drank that bitch down like the last beer at closing time.

Now I don't know what to do with myself. I have the urge to go re-read it and I never read a book twice because life's too short. I may go back to read through the dirty parts because yeah, I am that kinda girl.

So, what's this book that has me all funked up? It's called Motorcycle Man and it's the last in the Dream Man book series written by Kristen Ashley. Now normally if I like a book in a series I get 'em all and devour them like the Bookasaurus I am but in this case I liked these characters so much and because they won't be the central focus in the other books I don't wanna know 'em. Maybe, hopefully I'll come around.

Anyway, if you like trashy romances between sexy, badass bikers and fearless, headstrong women then I urge you to get in your car, on your motorcycle or on your broom to the nearest bookstore. But be forewarned that the language is graphic and the sex scenes are smoldering so if that ain't your thing, you should pass. I, on the other hand, am not easily offended, in fact, I appreciate real dialogue and happenings so this seriously appealed to me.

Oh and to point out the obvious, which I think I stated a time or 10 before, I'm easily influenced by a hot cover and the sexy smirk on the face which graced the cover of this book I bought is evidence of that.

Yes, yes I will climb on the back of your Harley.

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