Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Take a left on Wicked Way

Last weekend we took a quick drive through this affluent community nearby. When I say affluent I'm talking - gated community with armed guards and your name has to be on the list to gain entry. Luckily Bill's co-worker lives there and put our name on "the list".

Anyway, it's a very large, very pretty and nicely maintained neighborhood. I wouldn't mind living there if I had a bajillion dollars. The only curious thing was the street names. There was no Main Street. No Third Ave. But there was Putting Green Drive. Granted, the area has a huge golf course, but still. There was also Ruff Skies Road and Dog Leg Street. Yeah, I'm not making this up.

Naturally I made fun of them all. Then I saw this:

Something wicked this way comes

Now there's a street I can live on. Of course, I had to take a picture and I'm sure the guy who was across the street puttering around in his garage thought I was probably casing the area in order to pull off a job. I guess that would be one way to afford to live there.

Too bad they had to add the wedge in there. Wicked Way would have been way cool. Also, notice the adjoining street name? "Even Par Drive". See what I mean? The developers are either huge golf fans or just non-creative.

Down the road from where I live now is a small community with street names like Van Halen Lane and Fogarty Drive and a few others so those developers must have been a bunch of cool rock 'n rollers.

Anyone else see unusual street names?