Friday, October 2, 2015

A lesson in kindness

One day last weekend I took my son to McDonald's for dinner. I'd like to say it was a rare treat but let's be honest here. In his defense he wanted Subway, which might be a bit healthier, but I wasn't feeling it so McD's it was. Sometimes I wonder just who is the parent and who's the child? But that's not what this post is about.

Even though I shared a meal with my kid that would make all health nuts cringe and most moms look at me with disapproval, I was also able to share a lesson in kindness. I'm thinking the importance of that makes up for my poor food choices.

The counter-person who took our order greeted us with a smile, repeated our order for accuracy and collected our food all with a wonderful attitude. She seemed to have pride in her work and it showed.

We ate in the restaurant and all through the meal I kept hearing her as she served each patron with the same great attitude she gave us.

I decided that since we were already fairly deep in the unhealthy rabbit hole, why not just go all the way, and so I went back and ordered us chocolate chip cookies. While at the counter I told the server what a great job she was doing. She grabbed her manager and I repeated my praise of her service. They both thanked me and then I was asked to mention this on the survey they advertise on their receipts.

On the way home, my son said, "You did a nice thing, Mom." I replied, "It's kindness and the world needs more of it." Those of you who have read my blog before know that I like to praise and recognize people for giving outstanding service.

I'd like to think that if she was having a bad day I made it a little better. Or, if the rest of her day hit a few bumps after I left that she can think back on my words and smile. We don't know her story. Maybe she's a struggling single mom. Maybe she's a student putting herself through school. Either way she's working in an industry where the employees have a bad rep. and she's doing a kick-ass job.

Later that evening I filled out the online survey and sang high praises of the counter-person. I only hope that my words were passed on to the appropriate people and maybe she benefited with some sort of bonus or incentive. Wink wink, nudge nudge McDonald's peeps.

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