Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Facebook MIA

Facebook has become an addiction. Far beyond its initial networking means, people now use it as another way to let the world know what they are doing. Members collect friends as numismatists do coins. It's a popularity contest. The more friends you have, the more people you know.

Members put up tons of pictures from their past and present. They tell what they are doing. Sandy is...unhappy today. This prompts "friends" to ask, "Why?" and a mini conversation on my wall begins. There is a chat feature so you no longer need to email or IM. Facebook offers games, social clubs and a host of activities to keep you hostage on their site.

I am not a Facebook addict. I signed up several months ago to see what the hub-bub was about. A couple friends asked me, "Are you on Facebook?" They encouraged me and finally I decided to join the masses.

I don't see the fuss. Perhaps that's just me. I don't have a big need to befriend someone I barely spoke to in High School. I am wary of posting pictures of my family and friends in such a wide open forum. In an age where thieves are getting more creative and identity theft is running rampant, I would rather not open my life up to public display. I'm cynical. I'm suspicious. I'm in the minority. So many others continue to use the site as their lifeline to the world. A few use it as it was meant to be...a place to network, connect and re-connect.

Right now Facebook is the major hype. Who knows what the next great technical pet rock will be. Speaking of poor superpet on Facebook (one of the game/fun options) is so neglected since I haven't accessed him in months. Thank goodness for my Facebook friends or he'd probably be dead.

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