Friday, January 1, 2010

Where Has All the Time Gone?

My but it's been a while. What can I say? I've been busy? Since my last post, Emily and Lorelei, I mean, me and mom have made up and are now as we once were. Me and my family have been living in Las Vegas these past 5 months and love it. My parents came to visit in October and spent everyday with Christopher. We were there too but not as much. They also looked at houses for sale. While it looks as if they will be moving out here this year, my dad still needs the occasional nudge to move along. My mother, on the other hand, would be living here already if she had her own way.

Halloween was different than we are used to. Not as many kids trick-or-treating in our development and not as many houses decorated. Seems when us East Coasters decorate, we go BIG. However, you couldn't beat the weather. While it rained back home, it was calm and warmer here.

Thanksgiving was quiet with only the two of us eating turkey and all the fixings and my son having his Mac n cheese. Again, the weather was warmer and not wet.

Christmas was nice. For the first time ever, we did not put up a tree, but we did put out other decorations both inside and out. The reason we didn't put up the tree was because we flew back to NJ to spend Christmas with my parents and to see our friends. It was great to be back, although it was freezing with snow on the ground. Five months in a milder climate had spoiled us.

New Year's Eve saw us back in Vegas, watching the Strip fireworks from high atop a hill in the mountains. It was nice and quiet but strange to not have a countdown with Dick Clark.

Happy New Year!

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