Friday, January 1, 2010

A Little A to Z Spell-checkup

My husband calls me the human spell check. I can spot a misspelled word a mile away. I can't help it. I read the same thing hundreds of other people do and there it is, glaring at me. An incorrectly spelled word. Once, we went to the Star Trek Experience exhibit at the Las Vegas Hilton, and we toured "the bridge" that was used on the show for the Enterprise. I looked at the pretend buttons and what they were used for and I saw it! A misspelled word. Instead of "torpedo" the button read "torpeod". I giggled and called my husband over and he couldn't believe that his beloved show couldn't spell. The tour guide said I was the first person to ever notice that.

Since this ability comes so naturally to me I decided to put it to some use and started my own online Proofreading Services company. I hired a fantastic web designer (since I know zip about that) and in early November, was launched. Stop by and check it out and hire me to proof your work.

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