Sunday, January 17, 2010


I applied for a Chase Mastercard thru my Continental Frequent Flyer program. I was denied. On the outside looking in, my credit is pretty trashed. More like in the crapper after someone had eaten a batch of beans and needed to "let off steam". This is not completely my fault. The current state of foreclosure on my old house - thanks to the ever capable Washington Mutual, now JP Morgan Chase Banking facility- is to blame. (See one of my previous posts about the Short Sale fiasco my family and I went through and you will understand.

Still, the banks keep getting bailed out and will more than likely write off my foreclosure, thus enabling them to receive the full amount of the "loss". I, on the other hand, have damaged credit and high debts. Can you say "one-sided"? Lop-sided? Tremendously unfair? All those would apply.

So, why did I even bother to apply? Desperation. My dog needed surgery before a huge tumor in his body would burst and potentially be life-threatening. I didn't have the cash needed. Plus, I wanted to see if there was a slight chance I would be approved. Wrong. On the other hand, I applied for something called Care Credit and was approved. My dog had the surgery, had the tumor removed and is now doing much better. Plus, I think this approval will reflect positively on my credit report. It's a start.

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