Saturday, February 6, 2010

Indie What?

Babbling. You know that incessant rambling you do to yourself while working on something difficult? Just above a whisper but not loud enough to be understood? I do that. I used to do it at the office I worked at in NJ mainly when I was filing our taxes - yes me with the bad math skills. Or when I was deciphering the salesman's notes for transcription.

One day I was at my desk doing one or the other and the girl I worked with was at her desk doing some equally difficult and mind-boggling assignment. We were both mumbling aloud to ourselves when our boss walked by. He stopped, looked at us and asked, "What is this independent babbling going on?" We laughed, went back to whatever was plaguing us and he continued on his way. Thus, the title for my blog was born.

PS - I still babble independently.

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