Sunday, October 21, 2012

I am Iron Man

Yesterday Little Man and I went to a Halloween event sponsored by JDRF. This was a fun way to teach healthy eating habits for type 1 diabetics. There were games and snacks and a costume contest.

He dressed up as Iron Man complete with muscles (foam padding) in the suit, the power gloves and mask. We walked up to the judges' table and the first lady said, "Oh, it's a Transformer."


Chris and I spoke at the same time. "He's Iron Man," I said. "No, I'm Iron Man," he said calmly.

But I read between the lines. He looked unamused and a bit confused by this woman's mistake. His look said, "Lady I'm a Marvel super hero NOT a Transformer. Jeez."

My inner dialogue went like this: "A Transformer? Really? They are so last year. Does the Avengers ring a bell? Hello? Jeez."

Chris ended up winning 2nd place in the best super hero category. Must've been the fact that the mechanical heart in the center of his chest lit up. And that the other judges were smarter more hip.

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