Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making merry around the world

Just for the hell of it I decided to look up how to say Merry Christmas in other languages. I was bored and curious, which is a dangerous combination to say the least but sometimes yields interesting results.

Case in point: Jutdlime pivdluarit ukiortame pivdluaritlo! That's Merry Christmas in Eskimo, although it sounds more like something I would yell at other drivers during traffic. Jutdlime to you and oh yeah! your directional is still on butthead!

In Japanese, Merry Christmas sounds very authoritative. Kurisumasu Omedeto! I picture someone in a kimono with a sharp knife and in that case I promise to have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas ever. Domo Arigato.

The Jiberish say Mithag Crithagsigathmithags. I think this is just plain cruel for those with lisps. Also, who would've though Jiberish was an actual language? These be my peeps!

Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way to say Merry Christmas to you. And now I have that song in my head. And a a desire to watch 'Christmas Vacation'.

The Galician's say Bo Nada, which makes me think that Bo was on the naughty list this year and got nothing. Not even coal.

Seriously, however you choose to say it and celebrate it, may your Christmas be free of threatening knives, tongue twisters and may you get more than Bo.

*Note: Many thanks to for providing the languages.
**My views are my own and meant to entertain. Apologies to anyone I may have offended.

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