Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Me and the rest of the wackos

As if I didn't get enough of all the shopping and crowds of people before Christmas, I was out today trying to cash in on the after-holiday sales. Me and the rest of the post-seasonal wackos.

The stores were busy and you could tell the spirit of the season had vanished like the Ghost of Christmas Past. Well wishes and happy holiday smiles were replaced with shouting and cursing. And that's just the employees.

Many shoppers were picking through Christmas merchandise like pirates looting for treasure. You might wonder why I was there in the thick of all that madness. Was I off my medication? Did I drink some spiked egg nog? Was I following through on a dare to see if I could stand being around throngs of people in a sea of seasonal sales insanity? No. No. And no.

The answer is simple. I like a good bargain and I always hit up the stores for supplies like wrapping paper and gift tags for next Christmas. Thriftiness outweighs the good sense to steer clear of stores after the holidays. Besides, I can exercise patience when I have to. I consider it a random act of kindness when I don't lose my shit on some idiot blocking the aisle I need to go down while they try to decide which leftover, cheesy, glitter-covered snowman ornament to buy.

Thank the heavens I had nothing to return because I'd sooner keep whatever crap was given to me that I didn't want/need/like than wait on that monstrous line.

Yes, I took part in these.

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