Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I shall dub thee...

I have nicknames for people. No, not the usual 'Jerk" "Idiot' or 'Pinhead' but actual nicknames that I use to identify them. If you know me and the person in question then you might know what I call them. Otherwise, it makes no sense. I'll give you a few examples.

There's a woman at JDRF named Marcy. Little Man and I have dubbed her Marceline the Vampire Queen from our fave cartoon, "Adventure Time". This is only in reference to her name and does not indicate that Marcy is a female, color-sucking vampire. If you don't have a child aged 8-11 or you live in a cave, you might not be familiar with this show. I hated it at first but it totally grew on me.

Marceline, the cartoon character not to be confused with Marcy, the real person.

I have endearing nicknames for Bill and Christopher which I won't mention here because they are both serious pranksters and I am an easy target. Of course I've already referred to Chris as Little Man in this blog numerous times.

And then there are nicknames which are obvious and funny. Back in NJ there was this guy who walked past our house everyday with a coffee cup in his hand so naturally we called him "Coffee Man".

Me: Oh, here comes Coffee Man again.
Bill: Really? That's the second time today.

In college, my roommate and I had nicks for a lot of people. This way we could talk about them and no one had a clue. It was like having our own secret language. Some names were creative, some were embarrassing (for them even though they had no clue) and some were politically incorrect. For instance, there was this guy I knew very well who earned a nickname based on a vulgar conversation between me and the roommate. Thankfully (for him) that nick changed to something more appropo especially given the music he listened to. And no I'm not saying the derogatory nickname here (I have some standards!) but I can tell you he became the Flotsam to someone else's Jetsam.

Anyway, I think specially given nicknames are more personal. Hell, even I have nicknames that people have given me over time. They're cute and sweet and almost all have some story attached to them.

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