Sunday, November 3, 2013

Life is great with Indy and Neo

I've watched the Indiana Jones movies and Matrix trilogy many times over the years. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen Shorty yell, "You call him Dr. Jones!" or heard Morpheus proclaim that "Neo is 'The One'". I still watch them when I'm flipping through the channels and happen upon them. Sometimes they're just background noise while I'm on the computer or tidying up (yeah, right) my room. Such was the case this past weekend.

With Bill working stupid hours on Friday and Saturday nights, I try to find things to do that will keep Chris occupied, while allowing us to spend a little Mother/Son bonding time. That's where Indy and Neo came in. Prior to bedtime we cuddled up together and watched Keanu Reeves and Harrison Ford battle bad guys respectively.

Both were nice, relaxing nights in. We laughed. We acted out favorite lines we knew by heart. Sometimes it's the seemingly small, not so significant things that remind us how great life is.

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