Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thanks for the obvious sign because I had no idea what to do here.

Yesterday Chris had his 3 month checkup with his endocrinologist (diabetes doctor). Aside from the fact that he grew an inch in the 3 months since his last appointment and will soon be towering over me, it was fine and he's doing great. After that we went to the local pizza place in that part of town.

As we were sitting at a table waiting for our slices I looked up at the big "Order Here" sign over the counter. And I thought to myself, "Self! Why the need for such an obvious sign?" I mean, where else would I place my order? The ladies room? Do people really need a sign to tell them where to go to place a simple pizza order? I guess so. Or maybe the owner got tired of people walking in, sitting down and shouting what they wanted from across the room. Reminds me of that scene in "As Good As It Gets" with Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson where Nicholson's character yells his order to a passing waiter when they are out to dinner.

I was going to snap a quick picture of the sign but I was afraid the owner/pizza maker/order taker wouldn't have been down with it. Besides he might have taken me for some pizza spy who was trying to steal pie-making secrets for another pizza joint and thrown us out. And we were hungry. So, instead I drew a picture.

A guide to understanding my drawing: The odd-square type thing on the counter is supposed to be a register and the round shape with slices next to it is a pizza. The oval above the pizza guy's head is a pizza he's tossing and not a UFO trying to abduct him. Also, I added the "Best Pizza Ever" statement. It was my way of making amends to how poorly drawn pizza guy is.

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