Friday, March 7, 2014

Face your fears

What does it mean to be fearless?

Everyone has their own definition. To me, being fearless means grabbing your fear by the throat and slapping it across the face. (Perhaps I watch too many super hero movies?) But I admit, that's sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes simply making the decision to face your fears is a brave act all its own. At the very least it's a fearless step in the right direction.

Still, I think a large majority equate being fearless with doing something outrageous and possibly dangerous like jumping off a cliff in your undies. (Unless this is your way of facing your fear of heights or your fear of being seen publicly in your unmentionables, then go for it.)

Being fearless doesn't have to be a grandiose act, it should be about overcoming what scares you most. Maybe this means finally taking swimming lessons to conquer your fear of water. Maybe it means having the courage to walk away from someone or something that is no longer healthy for you. Or it could mean donning your cape and tights as you head your neighborhood crime watch because who said being fearless couldn't be fun?

I like the quote below because of the simple, yet strong message it conveys.


Let me break it down with a movie reference. (yes, I know but please bear with me.) You can choose to be safe and sit in the corner, like Baby. Or you can get up in front of everyone and dance with Johnny. Face your fears, but above all, be fearless in your actions.
Now, where'd I put my cape?

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