Monday, March 3, 2014

What's in my purse: The boring edition

I came across a post (or 2, or 5) where women tell what's currently in their purse. Sounds like fun! A cute, little peek into a woman's world via her pocketbook. Oh but, I rarely carry one with me anymore. And even then, it's very un-interesting.

Some ladies carry their make-up, a fashionable cell phone case, a neat pack of tissues, and a trendy, little wallet, among other stylish purse-worthy things. *shrugs* Not me. But that wasn't always the case.

Years ago my handbag resembled a mini suitcase that carried my pertinents, and some extra things I thought I might need at any given moment. 5 pens? In case I lose one, lend one out, and the other three don't work. Datebook? So I know where I need to be at any given time. (Was that doctor appointment at 2 or 2:30?) Stamps? Because one never knows when a postcard or letter might need to be sent. A tee shirt for when a change of clothes is needed? Yep. Gum. Lip balm. Hairbrush. Yes, yes, and yes. Kitchen sink? It was all there. Except for the kitchen sink. That was in my other bag.

These days I have a mini cell phone case that holds my license, cash, and a few cards in addition to my phone. It's quick and easy and fits in my pocket. If I'm sans pockets (or the wardrobe precludes it) there's a handy strap that fits on my wrist. This is all well and good if I'm only running to the store or for a quick outing.

A purse comes into play when I'm going on somewhere that requires more than my handy-dandy little wristlet can take. This is especially the case if Chris is with me and we need to take his small diabetes pack with us. 

So what's in my purse?

Cellphone (in it's nifty case)
Lip balm
Hair tie and mini hair clip
Wads of tissues (unused of course! )

That's it? Yeah, sorry to disappoint.

That's it. Perhaps I should write a post about what isn't in my purse but maybe should be? (Kitchen sink, I'm lookin' at you)

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