Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's our birthdays!

Tomorrow is my birthday, which means, CAKE! And other sweets!

Since my birthday falls on a Wednesday this year I have proclaimed this entire week my 'birthday week'. Bill laughed and said there's no such thing. To which I skipped around the room, waving my hands above my head and singing most childishly "It's my birthday week!" several times until he finally conceded. And for those of you asking me how old I'll be it's not that I'm ignoring you I'm just pretending not to hear you.

In honor of my birthday I thought I would list a few famous people that were also born on this day. Some you may know, and some might give away my age but in all I thought this would be kinda fun and maybe even educational. But in a fun way because who doesn't like learning about Pop Culture?

Fellow Taureans and April 23rd babies:

William Shakespeare - Born April 23, 1564 - Died April 23, 1616 - English poet, playwright, and actor. The Dude needs no further explanation.

James Buchanan - 1791- American politician and 15th President of the United States.

Shirley Temple - 1928 - American actress, singer and dancer, best known for films like Little Miss Marker and Heidi and for the song "The Good Ship Lollipop". Now it's in your head. Don't worry there's more musical references ahead to keep that earworm busy.

Roy Orbison - 1936 - American singer-songwriter, best known for his songs "Oh, Pretty Woman" "Only the Lonely" "Crying" and "Dream Baby", which is my fave. Still singing along in your head?

Lee Majors - 1939 - American actor best known for his roles in the TV series The Big Valley (that's for you, mom!) Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy.

Sandra Dee - 1942 - American model and actress best known for films like Gidget, and the "Tammy" movies. Immortalized in the song "Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee" from the movie Grease, which is the bane of my existence because I was indeed named after her. Great, now that song is stuck in my head.

Herve Villechaize - 1943 - French-American actor best known for being Mr. Roarke's assistant, Tattoo, on the TV show, Fantasy Island. "Boss, de plane, de plane."

Joyce DeWitt - 1949 - American actress best known for playing Janet, one of three roommates on the hit TV series, Three's Company, which was one of my all-time fave comedies.

Tony Atlas - 1954 - American bodybuilder and WWE wrestler.

Valerie Bertinelli - 1960 - American actress best known as Barbara Cooper on the TV series One Day At A Time, another fave of mine. Also, formerly married to Van Halen guitarist, Eddie Van Halen.

John Cena - 1977 - WWE wrestler (and my son's fave) and American actor.

Lady Gabriella Windsor - 1981- British royal family and cousin once removed to the Queen. There's no Pop Culture reference here, I just thought it was cool that royalty and I shared the same birth date.

There are many other well-known people born on April 23. I just picked these because they resonate with me or remind me of something from my younger years. Many thanks to wikipedia for providing me with such an extensive list to choose from.

Now, how about some cake?!



  1. Happy Birthday! I love when people get excited about their birthdays. I'm one of these jerks who makes the whole month of August (and part of the end of July since my birthday is the 1st) about ME! Me me me me me! So many people get so grumpy about their birthdays as they get older and I find that annoying. So definitely take the week. We should all feel special at least once a year. I always thought the song in the movie Grease was about Olivia Newton John's character. Wasn't she Sandra Dee? Who's the real Sandra Dee?

    1. Thank you! And bravo to you for taking a whole month! I always get excited about birthdays and not just mine; I like to celebrate birthdays of my family as well. I say, any occasion to eat cake is a good one. The song in Grease is Rizzo making fun of the Sandy character. Sandra Dee was an actress known for being that society's "good girl".