Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hump day confessional

It's that time again. What, what?

I confess now that Justified has officially ended it's fifth season I'm at a loss on Tuesday nights. However, I still have season 4 to watch (which I missed because I'm an idiot) so I can still get my Raylan Givens fix.

 Dude's got some serious swagger goin' on. Ignore the gunfire in the background. (I know, what gunfire, right?)

I confess that I read a trashy Lora Leigh novel in a day and a half and am following it up with the latest Lucky Santangelo novel by Jackie Collins. Great way to spend an afternoon.


I also confess that I'm behind on my blogging and even though I have Friday's fearless post written in my head I have yet to type it up. And by written in my head I mean kinda sorta sketched out in rough format.

I further confess that I've been holding in a pee for the last half hour while I try to finish up this post which has taken some time as I was going through a crap ton of Justified gifs and as soon as this is done I'm making a run for the bathroom. You didn't need to know that but in the interest of a full on confessional I thought I would toss it out there. Plus, I thought it was funny.

Got anything to confess?


  1. i tried really hard to get into justified --- i even watched the whole first season but couldn't! so i stopped :( however, i restarted homeland season 3 and am hooked again.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. No biggie. However, I don't think we can be friends now. Kidding! It's not a show for everyone. For me it's all about the hot lawman. And the hat. And the cussing. Oh and don't forget all the violence. Not painting a positive picture am I? Oh well. I luff the link up!!

  2. Bahaha. I will always hold it if I'm trying to finish something. Then it always ends up taking way longer than I intended and I have to run to the bathroom.