Sunday, June 8, 2014

Neat and tidy t-shirt drawer thanks to Pinterest

Saw a pin on Pinterest. Tried it and whoa! It worked. 

My t-shirt drawer before this makeover was a nightmare. There was clothes spilling out and my shirts looked ill-folded and wrinkly. It seemed like the one shirt I wanted was always on the bottom of the pile and when I pulled it out others would inevitably come with it as if they had sewn together over night. No, emerald green shirt, I wanted my Invader Zim t-shirt, not you! 

And then one day I saw this marvelous, magical pin that showed t-shirts all folded in an orderly fashion and easy to pull out. That's when I  knew the Neatnik Gods had meant for me to see this so I could transform my own over-flowing t-shirt drawer.

Behold the new and improved look:

I own a crap ton of tees.

Tank tops are in the middle flanked by tees on both sides like soldiers guarding their smaller, less material little brothers and sisters.

Ah, so much organization!

I showed this to my mom and she declared, "There is hope for you, yet!" She's so dramatic.

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