Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Follow the Exit signs, if you can find them

We were swimming at a local hotel this past Sunday. It was a beautiful day and the water in the pool was perfect but that's not what this post is about.

As we were leaving the room my brother had stayed in for the weekend (a mini staycation of sorts) and walking down the hall to the elevator I saw some exit signs. Nothing unusual, right? Well, these were on their sides and on the bottom of the wall.

Way to go Exit Sign installer.

This struck me as both weird and curious. What the hell with these Exit signs, I thought out loud. Then Bill said, It's so the drunk people when they fall down on the floor, they can find the exits easier. Hmm, seems logical. And considerate, too. Nicely done, Hotel.


  1. Haha! At my place of work (thankfully, this is only in the service staircase) there's this emergency exit sign of a little green man going down the stairs. This would be all well end dandy, were it not that if you go around the next flight of stairs, you encounter the same little green man running UP the stairs. I reported this ages ago to the security adviser, but apparently nobody cares that if there ever were to be an emergency, we'll all be stuck in an endless loop!

    1. LOL! Is this their way of encouraging people to use the stairs?