Thursday, July 16, 2015

The book that smelled like cat

On my last visit to the library I was by myself which means there was more time for me to browse the shelves . I came away with 3 books to read. And some dvds for the guys (and me) to watch.

Anyway, when I came home I put the two paperbacks on my nightstand and the hardcover on the floor next to my nightstand. Then I started to smell cat. Not an actual cat but cat-like products, like food. I sniffed all around my room. I couldn't place it. I checked the one paperback. Nothing. Then I picked up the one hardcover book and sniffed. There it was! The source of the smell. Whoever took this book out last must have had a cat. Or, maybe a cat read the book? They are allegedly very smart creatures.

Of course, all the while, Bill thought I was crazy. I gave him the book, and he reluctantly took a whiff and told me it smells like some kind of perfume. Yeah, cat cologne, Bill!

Just in case anyone was wondering, I have nothing against cats. I have a sensitive nose, though. And to me the scent reminds me of cat. Also, I am not crazy. Not entirely, at least. I have not yet read the the odorous book which I have affectionately dubbed, The Cat Book.


  1. I had a customer return a rug once because it smelled like cat. There are no cats in our store though, so I suspect ninjas.