Thursday, April 26, 2012

A hairy situation

I'm having a good hair day today. So naturally it's a windy day here. *sigh*

My hair is at that unruly stage where I need a haircut and have resolved to ponytail it a lot. However, yesterday after my shower, I put it into a french braid and then dried it. I left it in the braid all day, all night, even sleeping on it which was great because I didn't have to play tug of war with it throughout the night as I tossed and turned.

Anyway, I showered and blow dried it and then about an hour later undid the braid to reveal wavy hair. It looks pretty darn good. Like, take-me-out-and-let's-go-dancing good. But then by the time we went from house to car and car to club the wind would muck it up and I'd look like crap which would defeat the whole purpose. Because that's how it goes with me.

My hair will usually start to cooperate and look good just prior to going to the salon to get it cut. It's like my hair is saying, "Don't cut us. See how good we look? I promise to behave from now on and hold a beautiful style for you."

Until the next time when it goes flat and looks and acts like a hat on my head instead of hair. Time for a cut. A trim, really. Despite the weather.

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