Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's my birthday and I'll celebrate if I want to

Am I the only one who likes birthdays? Their own birthday, I mean.

Monday was my birthday and although I ignore the numbers I still love my birthday and look forward to it like a little kid.

This year my family and I went to dinner downtown near Fremont Street, where we later walked around checking out the shops, characters and people-watching. Then we stopped in at the Pawn Stars, which has now become a tourist trap, and finished the night with a drive down the Strip.

The next night Bill took me out for the adult night on the town since we had little man with us on my actual birthday. We checked  out the Cosmopolitan since we had never been in there yet. Then we went across the street for drinks and bar food snacks at Cabo Wabos.

I love the Strip at dusk when the sun is going down and the neon is coming on. So pretty. It's times like this I feel a little less lonely and really love this city. Furthermore, our summer has begun, a little early, even for us. But I love the summer and warm weather so this was perfect.

What was the best way you ever spent your birthday?

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