Thursday, September 27, 2012

An everyday hero

While Little Man and I were at the park tonight, one of his friends fell off her scooter and scraped up her knee and hands pretty badly. This happened when we were leaving and walking to our car. She was crouched on the ground and at first it looked like she was hiding from someone but we decided to go over and make sure she was alright anyway. That's when we saw she was hurt.

I helped her up and walked her over to her dad and Chris walked her scooter back for her.  Then Chris ran to get some toilet paper from the bathroom so I could help clean up the cuts. All the while Chris was reassuring her that she would be fine.

Once she calmed down, we walked her, her brother and father all back to their car, with Chris again walking her scooter for her.

I was so proud of how sweet and compassionate he was toward her. And I told him he was a good friend.  Then he said, "Hey Mom, I'm like an everyday hero, like what we celebrate in school."  Yes, you are, Little Man. Yes you are.