Thursday, September 6, 2012

End of Summer wrap-up

This past Monday was Labor Day which traditionally means the end of Summer.  Summer in Las Vegas is extended by about 6 weeks which gives it the term "Groundhog Summer".

I don't mind. I get to wear my shorts and flip flops a bit longer. The pools haven't officially closed yet and it's still hot.

Anyway, I thought I would do a wrap-up of some of the fun things I did with the fam. this summer. A few were posted in my blog and some weren't. It will also give me a chance to re-live some of the memories. Come along...

There was lots of swimming and sunning. We spent pool time at a few hotel pools and aquatic/rec centers. Next year a water park will be opening about 10 minutes away from us so I'm sure we'll be spending time (and $$) there. [note to self: start saving for season passes]

We saw lots of cool movies. "Avengers", "Dark Knight Rises", "Magic Mike". What? I saw that while Bill and Little Man went to see "The Amazing Spiderman". Both involved guys and quick changes of clothing so it was almost like the same movie.

There was outdoor grilling and many nights at the local park where Little Man met up and played with his friends. 4th of July featured a fabulous fireworks show by Bill and Christopher and of course there was Chris' summer birthday.

It was a lot of fun and although I would normally be mourning the passing of summer I get to enjoy it a wee bit longer out here in the desert. Which makes the still hot as Hades weather, worth it. At least to me.

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