Monday, September 17, 2012

Around town

Yesterday me and the men ran a few errands during the day. Here are some things we encountered along with my comments (both vocal and silent).

On our way inside the library we were approached by two groups. The first was a couple kids asking if we wanted to buy coupons for their car washing fundraiser. Without hesitation I said I couldn't because mine was a stolen vehicle but thanks anyway. They stood there for a minute and then giggled. Husband shook his head and Little Man laughed. Obviously (and thankfully) they didn't take me seriously because Metro never showed up to arrest me. I should watch what I say more carefully because my brand of humor is often lost on people. Like the time the cashier at Barnes & Noble asked my mother if she needed help and she replied that she was with me and I told the cashier I never saw her (my mother) before and that she was following me throughout the store. (I was kidding, Mom!) She still brings that up to this day.

The second set of people outside the library were asking us if we were registered to vote. These people are like the Salvation Army at Christmas, they're Everywhere! Except without the bell ringing. I think they need a gimmick to attract more people like free food or drinks. Can you tell I was a little hungry?
Coming back from the library we passed a Christian Church with a banner outside proclaiming, "Love God, Love People". I'm good with the first part. But some people are just such shits that I have a little trouble with that second part. I think the banner would work better if it said, "Love God, Tolerate People or at least try not to physically harm them even though most deserve it".  Honesty people!

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