Monday, April 29, 2013

Mutants running wild

Christopher has gotten into the habit of calling things he dislikes, 'mutants'. I love this. I encourage this.

The State-Standardized Testing he's been having these last two weeks in school...Mutant Tests. The insulin shot that he gives himself is...a Mutant Shot. The pigeon that won't get out of the way when I'm driving is a goddamn stupid bird! But he calls it...yep, a Mutant Pigeon.

Best of all he makes this crazy face and changes his voice when he calls something a mutant. This type of behavior just makes me so proud.

And I apologize to all mutants for his taking their name in vain. But at least he isn't using foul language. Have you ever listened to the potty mouths some kids at the park have? Granted I  sometimes have the Mother Commode of all potty mouths and I secretly giggle when I hear one kid call another a buttface, I just don't want my kid cursing. Yet. There's plenty of time for that when he's older.

Maybe I should try to start using the word mutant in place of swearing. But knowing me I'd make it more colorful and call something f**king mutant.

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