Saturday, April 13, 2013

What's goin' on?

I haven't been here in a while. As if you haven't noticed by the lack of new posts and ramblings. Yeesh! One minute I'm turning the calendar to April and the next thing we're two weeks into the month. Whatthewhat?? I know!

So here's a little of what's been going on... *cue Marvin Gaye music

Chris's insulin pump finally arrived this past week.  Yay! Hooray! W00t!!This is big, exciting news in our house. It means we can do away with injections because he wears the pump and calculates the amount he needs and it automatically inserts it into his body via a small tube and needle combo. Now we just need to be properly trained by a diabetes educator. Hopefully that happens this week. Let's go people!*points to watch impatiently.

I'm currently investigating ad sites so I can place ads on here and make some extra bucks. I hate to be that blog who has ads for profit, but I has to be that blog because some side revenue would be helpful. I did try Google AdSense but they refused me. Imagine Me being denied?! I know, crazy! So I'm looking for legit sites to do bizness with.

Chris and I went to movie night at his school last Friday night and saw "Wreck-It, Ralph". I thought it was cute and am now considering Vanellope von Schweetz as my Halloween costume. Check her out:
I can get a green hoodie, make the tights and put candy barrettes in my hair. Then again, we're six months from that holiday and I'll probably change my mind before then. Five times.

Anyone have any interesting news to report? What's been goin' on whichu?

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  1. I think that'd be a great Halloween costume! Or even a go down the road to the shops and see if anyone notices costume *hint-hint*

    1. Lol! Seriously though, don't put it past me to head down to the neighborhood pub (or StarBucks) dressed like that. Everyday is Halloween in my world!