Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dude, seriously...where's my car?

I have this habit of parking my car in  a lot and then forgetting where it is when it's time to leave.

I've been known to wander around an arena lot after a concert. I've gotten off the elevator onto the wrong deck. More often than not I walk down the wrong aisle. Thought for sure I was parked over here on the left. Oh nope, there it is. And I walk over three aisles to where my car sits waiting for me.

A few months ago I had to buy something at a department store and when I exited after paying I thought someone had stolen my car. There were only 4 cars in the lot and mine wasn't one of them. Instant panic filled me. And then I looked around and realized I walked out of a different exit than the one I entered. So I walked around the building to the lot I was actually parked in. And there was my car. Whew!

For this reason, when I park somewhere I always have to look for signs or aisle numbers so I remember where my car is. Aisle 3. Oh ok, got it.

Sometimes I hit the panic button on my key chain but that's only if I've wandered around aimlessly for more than 15 minutes. I worry that one day lot security will call the police about some suspicious female wandering the parking lot.

Honestly Officer, I was not looking for a car to boost. I just couldn't find my own vehicle. At least that story would trump the time I locked my keys in the car. With the car running.

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