Tuesday, July 2, 2013

He speaks sarcasm so that's why we get along

The other day I got up earlier than Billy. It does happen! It might be a rarity but it happens. Anyway, I tried to quietly open drawers to get my clothes but I can't help it if the hinges squeak and the metal handles clack when I let them go. I  crept over to grab my cellphone (which fell), sunglasses (hidden under piles of stuff) and keys (which are ALWAYS noisy).

I turned and saw him doing the one-eyed peek from half under his pillow. So I smiled and said, "Oh hi, you're awake."

And he looked at me with that, no kidding Mrs. McNoisypants, look.

To which I replied, "I tried to be quiet while getting ready."

And he zinged me with "Yeah, that's not really working for you."

It was such a sarcastic comment, spoken with such affection. I couldn't help but laugh and be proud.

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