Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good show, England

Yay! The royal baby is here!  What does this mean? Well, nothing to me, really. But I've always thought Kate and Will were pretty cool. We have no such nobility here. A few noteworthy celebrities but nothing to brag about.

I do hope they give the little Prince Dude a nice name. Then again, anything ought to be better than being named after a direction like those 2 pinheads here in America did. Hey, if Kimye's daughter traveled to NY from California on Southwest Airlines that would mean that North West was traveling East on Southwest. Oy.

I hear that some places are taking bets on what the name will be. Hmm, living in Vegas, I might have to check into that. My personal pick is that he'll be named after William's grandfather, Philip. Or maybe William, Jr. Although I don't think they do the junior/senior thing across the pond. He'd be more of a William the second, or William II.

I saw the pic they released of the happy couple with baby as they were leaving the hospital. And might I say that Kate looks ridiculously awesome for just having given birth. She's all glowing and smiling like she's just come from a day at the spa. When I left the hospital after having my son I looked like an extra from some horror movie, all bleary eyed from little sleep, pale-faced and hair in a ponytail.

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple. Good show, England. Bloody good show.


  1. I'm betting on George myself, but a part of me hopes for something unusual. How fun would it be to have King Sebastian.

    1. You must know someone on the inside. How did you know they would choose George? Hmmm? King Sebastian is an excellent choice!