Monday, August 12, 2013

Diabetes in your school backpack

School days, school days
Dear old Insulin ruled days

It's that time again. Back to school shopping for clothes, back packs, pencils. AND diabetes supplies. Ah the joys of being a D-Mama. (That's Diabetes Mom for those not in the know).

While the rest of the school age world color-coordinates their pencil cases and notebooks my son and I get to take inventory of his diabetic accessories.

Meter/PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager)?

Extra batteries because this bit of technology sucks the juice out of them so quickly?


Several extra pods in case the one he's currently wearing just "happened to come off"?

Alcohol swabs?

Blood glucose tabs?
Granola bars?
Capri suns for those scary lows?
Check. Check. Check.

Glucagon for that super scary low that needs immediate insulin?

Insulin and insulin pen in case his pump comes off or stops working?

Doctor's orders signed by his endocrinologist and me?

Once this is all taken care of, then we can load up his Minecraft backpack with Avengers notebooks,  folders and lunchpack.

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