Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't even think about re-making these movies

 When Hollywood runs out of ideas for movies, they re-make existing movies. Some are good, if not better, than the original. And others leave me shaking my head and wondering, For the love of all that's holy, why?

Take for example, Halloween. Classic fright film. Top-notch movie back in its day. Fast forward 20+ years and it gets a re-boot. Although it turned out pretty good, I was still not happy about this.

Here are five movies that I feel should never be re-made. Ever. Under penalty of death.

1. Grease
This movie was pure fun. It had great music, an awesome cast and did I mention memorably great music? School certainly would have been more fun if I attended Rydell High. Back then, Grease was the word; and still is. The sequel was ok but please, no remakes. I'm hopelessly devoted to the original.

2. Jaws
Chief Brody may have needed a bigger boat, but movie-goers didn't need any more encouragement to stay out of the water. What it lacked in the blood and guts of today's horror/thriller movies, it made up for with a man-eating villain and a theme in F and F sharp that instilled audiences with fear.  The sequels may have bit the big one, but any remakes would be a bite in the ass. A shark-sized bite.

3. Gone With The Wind
This movie was epic long before epic was the cool phrase of the day. Love. War. Rhett. Scarlett. And who better to play them but dashing Clark Gable and beautiful Vivian Leigh?  I, for one, cannot imagine anyone else playing those characters so I say fiddle-dee-dee to any remake.

4. The Godfather
This was is the classic mafia movie. I love it and I loved both sequels, as well. Even if they made me an offer I couldn't refuse, I'd consider any remake an act of war.

5. Back to the Future
 Seriously, what's not to love about this movie? You've got a  DeLorean as a time machine and Rev. Jim (from Taxi fame) as Doc Brown. Set in the 80s when I was growing up and subsequently in the 50s when life was simpler and all-American, all done to a great soundtrack by Huey Lewis. And, there is only one Marty McFly and that is Michael J. Fox. To re-make this movie would seriously disrupt the time-space continuum.

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