Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Let's go to the Blog Hop

Psst.....I've joined The Collective. No, not the Star Trek Borg Collective. Besides, I'm more of a Klingon girl. But seriously, check out my super-cool, awesome-y badge there on the right. It's under the members, left of my daily blog read. See it? Now click and go see what's happening, hotstuff. Wait, not right now. Finish reading this post first.

So yeah I made a few little changes. Added some new blogs to my list, re-titled a sub-heading. Joined a blog-hop, which is like a 50s sock hop only without the music, the poodle skirts and greasers, but with lots of new blogs waiting to be read and linked up with. I'm so excited! I feel like a blogging Indiana Jones who's just discovered a treasure trove of new sites to read and new people to verify that I'm not the only crazy woman in the world with a lead foot and little patience who likes her Pepsi way too much and re-creates her time in college by staying up late every night.

Of course, this blog hoppy thing started yesterday (they start on Mondays) and I'm a day late and a buck fifty short as usual.  Officially it's a collective social blog hop party which closes Wednesday so I'm only fashionably late. Anyway, I'm off to read a few new blogs, leave some witty comments, commiserate with other moms and hopefully bond with other inappropriate women.

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