Thursday, August 8, 2013

We interrupt your summer break and nicely planned out schedule with this monkey wrench

This morning whilst I was still lounging in bed, Christopher's endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) called to reschedule his appointment. I'm not even officially up yet and this might require brain power so already I'm rolling my eyes.

Some background:

I make these appointments 3 months in advance while I'm checking out from the previous appointment.

I come to these appointments armed with days off/on vacation/breaks so I can schedule around school. (I don't, yet, have the new school schedule and I was praying I wouldn't need it for this reschedule.)

There are less than 5 pediatric endocrinologists in the entire city and there are (sadly) many kids with diabetes. Because of this, our doctor is booked months in advance.

The office scheduler tells me that the doctor will be out of the office until the 27th of the month and I groan because that's the week he starts back to school. Figures! So I ask in a calm but pleading voice if she has anything earlier, maybe with the other doctor on staff. And when she says she has an opening for the prior week I breathe a sigh of relief. Actually it was more of a W00t!! Yee-ha! And Praise Jesus! Mini crisis averted.

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