Monday, January 20, 2014

My feel-good movies

You ever get to feeling a little down and you watch that one movie that lifts your spirits? Or maybe you're home on a Saturday night and everyone else in the house is otherwise occupied so you turn to that  one movie that's like a faithful, old friend?

For me, such movies make me smile and take me to a happy place not unlike sitting in a comfy easy chair, sipping a cup of something hot in my favorite coffee house. Or, sipping booze in a cheap, paper cup on my couch in the dark. Whatever.

The following are my go-to movies for an instant smile:

Sixteen Candles - Classic 80s movie. It's got crude humor, romance, and a character named Long Duck Dong. Need I say more?
The Holiday - Oh, to be able to switch houses with someone (and not worry about being robbed) and fall in love with someone handsome like Jude Law or funny like Jack Black.
Legally Blonde - Like, so much fun! And slightly motivational, too. 
Ocean's 11 (the re-make) - One-liners, gags, and in the end everyone goes home a happy millionaire. Except me. I live here. And I'm broke.
Coneheads - Pure funny.
Back To The Future (any of the 3) - Marty McFly, the Doc, and a DeLorean time machine.
Grease - Great music, attitude, and guys in leather driving cool cars. 
When Harry Met Sally - You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll laugh again.

What's your feel-good movie?


  1. Hmmm...My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Nottinghill. Fried Green Tomatos. Princess Bride...

    I could probably come up with a 100 more...

    1. Good ones. And I agree, I have hundreds more favorites, too.