Thursday, January 23, 2014

Self Promotion at its shameless best

I'm shamelessly promoting some stuff I recently made that you can buy in my store.  Go ahead and click on them to check 'em out.

This address book with an interesting title

For jelly bean hoarders

These I made a while ago and figured they were worth a mention:

A coffee mug to keep people from talking to you first thing in the morning (Pic is of Fifi, may she rest in peace)

Risque t-shirt for a good cause  (Yes, that is my finger. And my blood drop.)


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Stonehenge post! The coffee mug describes me perfectly in the morning at work haha

    1. You are welcome and thank you for popping in here! Oh and the black widow on the coffee mug was a real spider that lived on the side of my house until she met her end.